Worklife - Profile

Worklife was launched in 2002 with the intention of filling a gap in the market of quality workwear. We strive to maintain a Proudly South African product using local fabric and local employment.

Worklife has a unique ‘niche’ as not only is the fabric of a very high standard the uniforms have style, durability and comfort.

Worklife is proud to be recognized in the hospitality industry by the Piermount Group and Protea Hotels using our product.

Women in business

We, as South African women, saw a gap in the market for good quality, stylish and durable workwear. We also saw the opportunity to train disabled people. This way we have been able to offer them the opportunity to increase their skills while being able to earn money in a protected environment.

We are very passionate about our business and are determined to develop the disabled project.


Worklife is proudly South African and BEE compliant.